About Politicus

Politicus Journal is a new academic initiative at Queen's University within the Arts & Science Undergraduate Society (ASUS), which aims to provide an academic outlet for the outstanding work of undergraduate students in the fields of international and political affairs. Currently in its sixth year of operations, Politicus aims to highlight undergraduate research and continue introducing the ideas of students to professional academic folds.

In concert with the publication, Politicus also aims to provide academically engaging and thought-provoking lecture series, aimed at attracting top academic minds within Queen's. The lecture series seek to give students unique opportunities to interact with professors, representatives of various administrations and interested students in a socially positive academic environment. The aim of these lecture series is to continue developing undergraduate engagement in discourses surrounding relevant and timely subjects in social science. Through these activities, Politicus is committed to raising the level and quality of written papers and academic discussion at the undergraduate level, both within and beyond the Queen's University community.

Meet Our Team